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Sunnylands: Where Power, History, And Beauty Meet

Imagine a place where world leaders gather to promote global peace, surrounded by serene gardens and luxurious amenities. That place exists, and it’s called Sunnylands.

Sunnylands is a breathtaking 200-acre estate in Rancho Mirage, California, rich in history and significance. For over 40 years, it has played host to some of the world’s most influential political, business, educational, and entertainment leaders.

The estate was originally purchased by Walter and Leonore Annenberg in 1963. Then, it was designed by architect A. Quincy Jones and interior designer William Haines and served as the Annerberg’s winter retreat for over four decades.

In 2001, the Annenbergs established The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands with a mission to preserve the estate and promote world peace through international dialogue. In fact, Rancho Mirage City pronounced Sunnylands a historic site in 1990, recognizing its rich cultural significance and enduring legacy.

Today, Sunnylands remains a beacon of hospitality and tranquility, welcoming visitors from all corners of the globe to explore its stunning grounds and historic residence.

Since opening its doors to the public in 2012, Sunnylands has welcomed over half a million visitors from all over the world. And we’re inviting you to explore her as well!

Sunnylands offers an exciting and unforgettable experience rooted in beauty, art, history, and culture.

You can explore the estate’s beautiful gardens, take a guided tour of the Annenberg’s historical estate, or attend the many events and exhibitions held throughout the year.

You can also enjoy delightful meals or light snacks at our on-site café. And with a gift shop filled with unique and memorable souvenirs to keep your experiences evergreen, there’s something for everyone at Sunnylands!

Sunnylands’ stunning gardens offer a glimpse into the Annenbergs’ love for nature and art. The grounds feature over 70 species of native and arid-adapted plants and a serene atmosphere.

The gardens have been carefully curated to appear in a variety of colors and textures throughout the year, and guided tours are available to help visitors explore their different areas.

More than that, Sunnylands hosts a wide range of events, like art exhibitions, film shows, historical lessons, and tours. The estate’s Center & Gardens hosts lectures, films, and concerts, and visitors can learn about the history of the estate and the Annenbergs’ philanthropic legacy.

Plus, there’s free Wi-Fi and parking space. You don’t have to worry about reservations or tickets — parking is free. The environment is also conducive and safe for kids.

So, why not plan your visit today? Come discover what makes Sunnylands so remarkable and unique, and experience her beauty and tranquility for yourself!


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