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Disney’s First Storyliving Community in California

Disney Starts Development of New Residential Complex in Palm Desert, California – Cotino Disney

On May 17th, Disney broke ground and marked the beginning of their new unique residential complex in Rancho Mirage in Coachella Valley – Cotino Disney.

While the name may allude to Disney World or any other theme park, this project is an innovation for Disney. Mainly, the production giant announced that this would be the first in the line of their series of residential communities called Storyliving by Disney. The project is mainly focused on bringing an authentic take on residential areas, where the magic of Disney will be deeply intertwined within the complex in an all-inclusive way.

The location of Cotino Disney is carefully chosen not only because of the serenity of Palm Desert, California but also for its historical significance. In fact, the 600-acre land was once a retreat for Walt Disney himself and his wife, Lillian. The romantic atmosphere of the area is still very much present, offering a whimsical setting all around – just like in the movies!

Furthermore, Rancho Mirage, California, is a low-populated city in Coachella Valley, leaning on the high-end and luxurious side. In addition, the mesmerizing nature of the area offers the residents of Cotino Disney plenty of experiences to be spent outdoors, like hiking, interacting with animals, and tons of photography opportunities. One of the biggest highlights of the residential complex is the multiple collections of parks throughout the Cotino community, carefully curated by the creative masterminds behind Disney.

Entertainment and leisure are one of the main focus points of Cotino Disney – the community is specially designed to allow its residents to fully explore their interests while inspiring others to do the same. There will be many areas where one can enjoy themselves, like promenades and parks, offering mesmerizing views of the surrounding nature. Additionally, there is an exclusive clubhouse called the Artisan Club, where residents can build lasting relationships while engaging in various activities, like sports, fitness, golfing, and so much more! Moreover, the Town Centre, nestled on the edge of the Cotino community, will be abundant with shopping and entertainment opportunities, offering a fun time for the entire family. Here, you will also be able to witness some of the local performing talents, so keep an ear and eye out!

However, one of the biggest additions of Cotino Disney is the Grand Oasis and Beach, serving as the community’s jewel. This area will feature the most turquoise waters with cutting-edge Crystal  Lagoons technology. In addition to the promenades, the white-sand beaches will also be lined with all kinds of restaurants and cafes adorned with the distinct Disney magic while offering world-class service.

Cotino Disney will open its doors in 2024, and travel planners across Palm Desert, California, are thrilled about what comes in the future since the experience is not to be missed. Once fully established, you can expect real estate listings of single-family estates with realistic values. Check their official website for new updates and even some discounts!

Cotino Disney is expected to bring a new wave of popularity to Palm Desert, California, as its breathtaking surroundings, an abundance of opportunities, and whimsical yet luxurious character is bound to allure everyone. We at Palm Desert Travels aim to offer estates with realistic values, so make sure to check out our listings. In the meantime, read the rest of our blogs.

Storyliving by Disney – The First Of Its Sort in California

Storyliving by Disney promises neighborhoods featuring communities that are meant to inspire. Its residents can freely explore their interests – and discover new ones along the way! Furthermore, Disney’s special attention to detail offers a unique take on living, providing distinctive amenities and personal touches tucked away in every corner.

Naturally, the concept of Cotino Disney was inspired by the storytelling of Disney that we all know and love. Instead of actually telling the story, its residents can actually live in one, making cherished memories – similar to those in the movies. Palm Desert travel planners are at the edge of their seats for its opening, as they can’t wait to be a part of the experience. After Storyliving by Disney is fully established, you can find real estate listings on the official website with realistic values – you may even snag a discount!

Why Palm Desert, California?

Whether your heart is set on living in the tranquil Coachella Valley or if you want to spend some time in Palm Desert, California – we have you covered!

Palm Desert, formerly known as Old MacDonald Ranch in the 1920s, underwent drastic developments once real estate was established in 1948. Once the community was incorporated in 1973, Palm Desert became a celebrity hotspot due to luxurious homes featuring sceneries beyond compare. Presently, it shows no signs of stopping!

After the establishment of Cotino Disney, the area is expected to face a surge in popularity. In addition, the still beauty of the desert has the power to attract eyes that crave the enchantment of nature.

Coachella Valley is believed to be a heavenly sanctuary – with, explore every bit of it hassle-free.

For more information on magnificent places, check out the rest of our blogs.
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