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McCormick’s 75th Car Auction Event



McCormick's 75th Palm Springs Exotic Car Auction - Nov 17-19, 2023
McCormick’s 75th Car Auction Event


If you are a car enthusiast or someone who just appreciates the beauty and history of classic cars, you are in for a treat. McCormick’s Palm Springs Collector Car Auction is all set to celebrate its 75th auction event. For 37 years, they have been hosting these fantastic gatherings for car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Now, let’s dive into what makes this event so exciting and why you should be there!

McCormick’s Palm Springs Collector Car Auction is not just any auction company; it’s a family-owned and operated business based in the heart of Palm Springs, California. They have been dedicated to classic cars and have been producing classic car auctions in Palm Springs for 37 years! That’s a legacy built on integrity and a deep love for automobiles.

Year-Round Classic Car Showroom

The excitement of this event doesn’t end with the auctions. McCormick’s also has a year-round classic car showroom in downtown Palm Springs, where you can admire and purchase classic cars any day of the year. 

A Dream Born in 1985

Keith McCormick, the man behind this remarkable journey, had a dream to move to Palm Springs, California, and devote his time to his family and his cars. Back in 1985, he hosted his very first exotic car auction, marking the beginning of a tradition that continues to this day. Keith’s commitment to excellence and integrity created one of America’s most respected car auctions.

Event Details

The 75th auction event is scheduled to take place from November 17 to 19, 2023, at The Palm Springs Convention Center’s Outdoor Special Event area. It’s the perfect venue to showcase the classic cars that will grace the event. Located in downtown Palm Springs, it’s just steps away from resorts, shopping, and fine dining, making it a convenient and enjoyable location for all attendees.

How to Participate

If you are a classic car owner and you would like to be part of this exciting event, all you need to do is give McCormick’s Palm Springs Collector Car Auction a call at 760.320.3290 or simply click the link for more information. They will guide you through the process, and your beloved classic car could be the star of the show.

Why attend McCormick’s 75th auction event?

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t miss this event:

Varieties of Classic Cars

The 75th auction event will feature over 500 classic and exotic cars. Showcasing the rich history of automobiles from various eras. This alone is a good enough reason.

Opportunity to Buy

McCormick’s car auction event gives everyone an opportunity to buy their dream car. If you are looking to buy a classic car, this is your chance. Bidding on these classic beauties is an experience like no other.

Connect with Car Enthusiasts  

In this event, you get to meet fellow car enthusiasts, share stories, and make new friends who share your passion for classic cars.

Explore Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a beautiful destination with great weather, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant culture. Attending the auction gives you a perfect reason to explore this charming city.

From classic cars to a warm and inviting atmosphere, this event promises a memorable experience for all who attend. Mark your calendars for November 17–19, 2023. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be part of a remarkable celebration of automotive history!

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