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Dale Gribow: The Attorney Who Puts the “DUI” in “DUIs”

When it comes to finding the right lawyer, you might be wondering whether you need someone competent, quick, or cheap. Well, if you’re in need of legal assistance, allow me to introduce you to Dale Gribow, the attorney who proves you can have it all—competence, speed, and affordability. With his witty catchphrases and impressive accolades, Dale Gribow is here to protect the injured and criminally accused, one DUI at a time. So, buckle up and let’s embark on a hilarious journey through the world of law with Dale Gribow!

The Man with Many Hats:

Dale Gribow, often referred to as a DUI criminal defense lawyer, has a unique perspective on his clients. Unlike other lawyers, he chooses not to view his DUI clients as “criminals.” Instead, he sees them as good, honest people who have found themselves in scary and unfortunate situations after screwing up. It’s a refreshing take on the legal profession—treating clients like real people rather than just case numbers.

Dale Gribow is a man of many talents. He is an attorney who can handle any legal challenge, from personal injury to criminal defense. He is a coach who can guide his clients through the complex and stressful legal process. He is a writer who can share his insights and expertise on various legal topics. He is a philanthropist who can support and contribute to many worthy causes in his community. He is the ultimate lawyer for any legal task. If you need a lawyer who can do it all, you need Dale Gribow.


Dale Gribow is an attorney at law who has been representing and protecting the injured and criminally accused for more than 30 years. He has been recognized as a “top lawyer” by California’s Prestige Magazine, Palm Springs Life, and Inland Empire Magazine. He has also earned the highest ratings from his peers and clients on Avvo, Martindale Hubbell, Justia, Alignable, and

But Dale Gribow is not just any lawyer. He is a placekicker. He knows that his role is not important until you need him. And when you do need him, he delivers. He handles every case with diligence, respect, and care. He treats his clients as good, honest people who have found themselves in a scary and unfortunate situation. He protects their constitutional rights and helps them get the best possible outcome.


Dale Gribow is also a coach. He educates his clients on what to do and what not to do after an injury or arrest. He reminds them that silence is golden and handcuffs are silver, so they should not talk to the police or the insurance adjuster without his permission. He warns them that social media posts can hurt their case, and that they should document everything they can while it’s fresh. He advises them to avoid drinking and driving or texting and driving, as they can cause accidents or arrests.


Dale Gribow is also a writer. He has been writing legal columns for newspapers and magazines for over a decade. He is the legal analyst/commentator that local radio and TV news programs turn to when they are covering national and local legal proceedings. He is also the first guest society reporter for the Desert Sun paper, where he writes about the social events and personalities of the desert community.


Dale Gribow is also a philanthropist. He has served on the boards of more than 40 charitable organizations while serving as Chairman or President of over a dozen nonprofits. He is proud of his commitment to the community, and he participates in and belongs to dozens of charitable and community organizations.

man of the year

Dale Gribow is also a man of the year. He has been named “Man of the Year” seven times by various organizations. He has had four days proclaimed as “Dale Gribow Day” by different cities. He has received numerous awards and honors for his professional and personal achievements.

Silence is Golden and Handcuffs are Silver:

One thing you’ll quickly learn about Dale Gribow is his fondness for catchy phrases. He reminds his listeners that “silence is golden and handcuffs are silver.” In other words, if you find yourself facing law enforcement or an insurance adjuster, it’s best to keep your mouth shut until you have your lawyer’s permission. After all, it’s not always about what you say but rather what they “thought they heard you say.” So, zip those lips and let Dale work his magic!

Not Your Average Lawyer:

Dale Gribow has garnered quite a reputation throughout California. He has been hailed as a “top lawyer” by California’s Prestige Magazine, Palm Springs Life, and Inland Empire Magazine. With a 5-star rating and a perfect 10.0 on Avvo, it’s clear that he knows his way around the courtroom. Even the prestigious Martindale Hubbell has awarded him an “AV” rating, reflecting the highest confidential peer opinions on his ethical standards and legal ability. So, if you’re looking for a lawyer with credentials, Dale Gribow is your man.

Drinking, Texting, and “Intextication”:

Dale Gribow understands that drinking and texting are just as dangerous as being intoxicated while behind the wheel. In fact, he believes that being “intexticated” can lead to arrests, accidents, and a higher likelihood of DUI-induced arrests or non-fault accidents. His advice? A driver must do everything possible to avoid an at-fault accident, including refraining from both drinking and texting. Remember, calling a taxi, Lyft, or Uber is a lot cheaper than giving Dale Gribow a ring!

Wrap Up

In a world where finding competent, quick, and affordable legal representation seems like an impossible dream, Dale Gribow breaks the mold. With his unique perspective on DUI clients, catchy catchphrases, and impressive credentials, he is the attorney who can turn your legal woes into a comedic adventure. So, the next time you find yourself in need of legal assistance, remember the name Dale Gribow—because when it comes to protecting the injured and criminally accused, he’s got you covered. Just make sure to avoid those handcuffs and keep the champagne taste at bay, especially if you’re on a beer budget!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Dale Gribow today for a free consultation at (760) 837-7500 or visit his website at

You’ll be glad you did.

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Written and edited by Collins Omaghe

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